Alex Dickinson

I am a truth-teller. I work with brands as a copywriter and content strategist to express what they do in the most compelling way.

No fluff. I learn everything I can. Then I write. 

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Helping a really big brand rediscover its voice on every channel.


With Instrument and Nike's Global Digital Design team, I worked as copywriter and strategist for two years, helping re-envision almost every part of the business including global campaigns and essential products. Through close collaboration with Nike’s VP of Digital Design and Copy Director, we worked from concept to execution and guidelines to allow for syndication of new products, content and campaigns. 



While the team at Instrument fluxed between 25 and 35 people, I was the sole writer for 20 of the 24 months, and worked on up to four project teams at one time, leading to close partnerships with several creative directors on both the Instrument and Nike side. I became known as a writer who could flex as a strategist, and was a dependable force for pitching, presenting, winning new work, and continuing work-streams.


Major Initiatives

Nike+ App

  • Original “Best in Class” launch content to serve as the example for the rest of the organization

  • Guidelines

  • UX Copy

  • Redesign strategy

  • Writing and strategy for Nike+ Unlocks, Nike’s way of re-upping their membership promise by offering users tangible value intended to serve athletes

Nike Running App

  • Writing and strategy for an adaptive coaching feature

  • Concept, pitch and writing for “Signature Runs”, Nike’s new audio guided runs with coaches, athletes, and celebrities

  • Strategy, pitch, and writing for a new routes system

  • Redesign strategy and UX writing

Nike Email

  • A two month sprint to completely revamp Nike’s email program, including over 100 emails, to make repeatable franchises that brought back the brand voice that had been sanitized from the company’s email marketing.


Rapha Travel

Building a travel program with the world's most premium cycling brand. 


I began working with Rapha at a critical time for the business. They'd figured out their niche in the world of cycling product: a new level of premium cycling apparel that was changing the game not only within cycling but in fashion and design. Next, they needed to figure out how to grow the business in a sustainable way. Travel became a key part of that growth. They were looking for a lead writer who had both an understanding of the brand voice combined with a fresh perspective.



I worked directly with the Head of Rapha Travel to develop a new approach—one that was familiar enough, while conveying the new level of luxury that would be offered on each trip. One more thing: we had to express that many of these trips were not for the faint of heart. We devised a naming system that categorized trip types of varying difficulty, studied the map files, and set out in making the trips sound as amazing as they would be in person. 


Over the course of two years, we grew Rapha Travel from nothing to a key segment of the business. We wrote trip descriptions, manuals, foreign language glossaries, books, keepsakes, jersey tags, and more. Lots of writing. Lots of riding.


Major Initiatives

  • All Rapha Travel trip descriptions, site copy, and book copy for its pioneering first two years

  • Research into routes provided by local guides, uncovering local lore, cuisine and anything else that might be interesting to customers

  • Content strategy expressed through site layout

  • Creation and definition of trip types and difficulty levels


Rapha Cycling Club

Defining the voice of the first truly global cycling club.


After successfully working with the Rapha Travel team to grow a new sector of the business, Rapha contacted me to help them define and position their new membership program. The idea: the world's first truly global cycling club. The promise: a better cycling life through a community of devoted cyclists. 



When positioning the club, I asked why Rapha's customers were so notoriously loyal in the first place. The answer—Rapha simply knew the experience of a cyclist better than anyone else, and they catered to their needs through inspiring content and thoughtfully designed kit, plus events and repair service. These details informed the offerings of the Rapha Cycling Club—meaningful benefits like free coffee in clubhouses around the globe and complimentary bike hire while traveling. It solidified Rapha as the singular brand to compliment the lifestyle of a cyclist.


Next, we had to figure out how to express the clubs values and its value proposition. Through the process of learning cyclists needs, and being a bike racer myself, I learned to speak the language. The result was something that was aspirational without being pretentious, connecting the rider to a source of genuine value.


Major Initiatives

  • RCC strategy and positioning

  • Branding

  • All site and print copy

  • Design and creative direction for site and print book



Making running cool again with a team of friends.


BLK RBN was and continues to be a passion project. As a distance runner, I take any chance I can get to express the beauty of those pursuits which don't have material rewards. BLK RBN is a clothing brand that looks at running in a whole new light, celebrating the pain and the champagne and the outcasts of athletics.

The best part? Each part of this brand, from layout and graphic design to apparel design and photography, was created by a great friend.



Major Initiatives

  • Brand strategy and positioning

  • Creative direction

  • Brand book copy

  • Mission statement

  • Social copy



Helping Google inspire girls to code. 


Made with Code was one of my first projects after graduating from school. Working with a small agency in Portland, Oregon, we created a massive initiative for one of the world's greatest brands. And we did it all for an amazing cause. Because the team was so small and tight-knit, I wore more than a few hats for this project. I wrote copy, though not all of the copy. I edited copy. I illustrated. I booked travel. I used photoshop for the first time. It was a wild ride, and the result was something I'll forever be proud of.